Rodna Pesen, Bulgaria

Rodna Pesen, Bulgaria 
Conductor: Levon Manukyan 
The mixed choir “Rodna pesen” (Native Song) (belonging to municipality of Burgas) is an heir of rich choral traditions, whose roots we can find in the very beginning of the last century. Generations of amateurs and future professionals who have dedicated their lives to music are formed thanks to the choir’s activity. One of the ways in which the choir expands its repertoire is by introducing Church-Slavonic music, which is met with huge success during concerts, tours and festivals in Poland, Germany, France and Switzerland. One of the most memorable performances is the one of Mozart’s Requiem in the Roman Basilica “San Giovanni in Laterano” where the choir’s soloist is the great opera singer Katia Ricciarelli. Next for the choir come participations in major choral events for sacred music in Italy, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia. 
The last few years Rodna Pesen’s repertoire has been extended with new genres of popular music. Under the leadership of Levon Manukyan, the members of the choir take part in numerous artistic experiments, combining choral singing with symphonic and electronic music and classical traditions with rock and metal sounds

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