La chorale des Califrenzies, Switzerland

La chorale des Califrenzies, Switzerland 
Conductor: Franz Josefovski 
La chorale des Califrenzies was founded by dynamic moms who desired to sing on September 1, 1997.  Les Califrenzies sing three voices: soprano 1, soprano 2 et alto. The name of the choir was chosen based on the location of the first rehearsal located at the California School at Vésenaz ( CALI ) and the name of the choir director Franz Josefovski  (Frenzi ) which gave " THE CALIFRENZIES".  Following the success, it was decided to establish a non –profit association on February 11, 1998. It is now funded by the community of Collonge-Bellerive . The aim of the choir is singing, organizing comcerts  or participating in shows of all genres to  create animation in their community. Since 2006 they are members of the Union of Geneva and Swiss Singers - currently there forty members in the ensemble.  The Califrenzies have participated in many concerts and shows – e.g. in 2007 they successfully staged musical comedy  “Starmania” by Michel Berger and  Luc Plamondon to celebrate the choir´s 10th anniversary, in 2009 they performed the show “Dalida” dedicated to her life and her music. In 2011 it was a show dedicated to the songs of the 80´s: “Annees 80”. Working with a group of actors and musicians they re-discovered a large number of songs from that decade. 

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