Choirs Participating in Prague Spring Choral Meeting 2018

  • Trakiiska Lira Choir, Bulgaria – conducted by prof. Angel Tsenov
  • The Red Maple Shadow Choir, P.R. China - conducted by Liu Ying
  • Chorale Cantilou, France – conducted by Anne-Gaëlle Peyro
  • Chor "Schabeso e.V.", Germany – conducted by Elli Roppelt and Hans Mohnkorn
  • MGV Arnstadt, Germany – conducted by Dr.Peter Sölken
  • Volkschor Spergau, Germany – conducted by Martin Böhm
  • GV Sangeslust Lünern/Stockum – Songgruppe „Querbeet“, Germany – conducted by Alexander Stoff
  • Andor Ilona Children's Choir, Hungary – conducted by Tamási Kinga Johanna
  • Balaton Vox, Hungary - conducted by Zsuzsanna Koncz
  • "The Bells of the Sun", Latvia - conducted by Sandra Sproge
  • Rubato, the Netherlands – conducted by Marcel Wentink
  • Orfeão de Vagos, Portugal - conducted by António Bastos
  • Coro Las Regueras, Spain – conducted by Carlos Esteban
  • Coral Etxebarriko Doneztebe Abesbatza, Basque Coutry , Spain   - conducted by Lorena Ferreiro
  • Coral Polifónica de Oleiros, Spain conducted by Luciano  Lago Padín
  • Coral Polifónica "Fonte do Souto" de Culleredo, Spain conducted by Luciano  Lago Padín
  • Coral Polifónica "A Lembranza" de Sada, Spain - conducted by Luciano  Lago Padín
  • Oratorienchor Baselland, Switzerland – conducted by Fritz Krämer
  • Hart Voices Choir, United Kingdom – conducted by Roy Rashbrook



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