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traditional meeting of folk dance ensembles and folk choirs

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to Prague, capital of Czech Republic, to the 15th International Meeting of Folklore Ensembles “Prague Folklore Days”, the biggest folk dance and music  event in Central Europe.

The next  festival to  be held in the centre of Prague  in the period:  July 23 – July 26,  2020.

The event is organised and realised by the agency Millennium and  taking place under the auspices of the City of Prague, President of Czech Republic and Prague 1.

The festival is open for amateur folklore ensembles of all types (singing groups, dancing groups with live or recorded music) as well as for marching groups /majorettes, historic soldiers, marching bands, flag wavers, carnival groups etc./  without age with min. 14 members


I M P O R T A N T 

Please note that the Prague Folklore Days are in NO WAY  connected with the Serbian agency MOONLIT EVENT, Muzsa Office, Blue Diamond  and other foreign "agencies"  which parazite on our festival.

We are very sorry for folk ensembles that were decieved by these persons, came to Prague and danced for several minutes inside a hotel Prague.. BE CAREFUL - if they do not have enough groups, they cancel the festival without any notice,

in 2018 again, several desperate folk dance groups who came to Prague contacted us and asked for help  as they were cheated and ripped off by these folks :-(

Prague Folklore Days is the only   Prague folk dance festival with all neccessary  permissions from the local authorities in July  with official auspices of  City of Prague   held on open air stages and fulfilling all legal requirements. If you join a festival organized by a Serbian  or Macedonian agency. beware that they have already betrayed numerous groups in the past.


In 2021 our festival will take place in the days July 22 - 25, 2021. Welcome!


Partners of our festival 2020: