Prague Advent Choral Meeting 2018

Participating Choirs:

Choeur Chantevigne                                                                                                                                  Switzerland

Conductor: Julian Villarraga Roméro

Founded in 1956, in the middle of the famous vineyard of Mont-sur-Rolle, the choir could not be called otherwise. In ist  repertoire there are always some pieces related to wine. Currently, there are thirty members  coming from the surroundings of Nyon and Lausanne.

Led by competent and demanding managers, the choir has earned a good reputation in the choral world. They like to alternate  popular pieces and classical works, organize own concerts, co-operate with various  ensembles and musicians as well as to participate in various choral events.  They are  particularly happy to participate in the Prague Advent Festival and to share musical moments with all participants.


Iisalmen Kalevalakuoro                                                                                                       Finland

Conductor: Anne Pohjoisaho

The Iisalmi Kalevala Choir (Iisalmen Kalevalakuoro), founded in 1943. It  is a both traditional and youthful Finnish female choir. Its wide-ranging repertoire includes national romantic, Karelian, modern, sacred as well as popular music.

The choir has been successful in international chorus reviews both domestically and abroad. Members of the choir perform and compete in smaller ensembles as well. Over the years, the choir has performed in China, Dvina Karelia in Russia, Germany, Italy, the USA and France. It has also released three albums.  The Iisalmi Kalevala Choir was awarded ”The Bright Spot of the Year 2017” by the Finnish Female Choir Association. In Prague the choir is conducted by music teacher Anne Pohjoisaho.

More information can be found on their  website and facebook


MGV und Gemischter Chor Grenzwacht Lavamünd                                                                             Austria

Conductor: Desiree Deiser

The Male Choir (MGV) and Mixed Choir „Grenzwacht“ from south Austrian Lavamünd exist for more than 90 years. The association has been lead by Katharina Schildberger since 2017. At the moment there are approx. 30 active singers and 75 supporters in the choir.  By its 3 sections: male, mixed and gospel choir they are engaged in practically all genres of choral music :classic, masses, folk songs, evergreens, gospels, spirituals etc. Special attention has been paid to the Carinthian songs – the choir is a firm part of the cultural life of Lavamünd. They are happy to sing on various occassions – such as masses, weddings, birthdays, funerals, local festivities and parties as well as friendship concerts.


Sångföreningen Cajorna                                                                                                                                      Finland

Conductor: Sara Selenius , Teddy Granroth

Sångföreningen Cajorna (established in 1991) is a mixed amateur choir from southern Finland. The hometown of the choir is Raseborg, where about 60 % of the population speaks Swedish as their native language.

At present there are approximately 45 passionate singers in Cajorna. The repertoire stretches from folk music and operettas to sacred music and from earlier composers to modern ones. The choir has also worked with rock, gospel songs and negro spirituals.

Over the years Cajorna has given several concert tours in Scandinavia and one very memorable tour to Vienna including an Advent Concert in the magnificent church Votivkirche. The choir has participated in international choir festivals in Budapest, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Montecatini Terme. The conductor of Cajorna is Sara Selenius, who earned her master’s degree in music at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.  Music pedagogue Teddy Granroth is both accompanist and second conductor of Cajorna during this Festival.


Coro D. Pedro de Cristo                                                                                                                                      Portugal

Conductor:   Cristina Faria

Coro D. Pedro de Cristo, was formed in 1970 as a non-profit cultural association with no political or religious affiliation. Their  first concert was in their hometown Coimbra in May 1970. On April 25th 1995 they were awarded the municipality’s medal for cultural merit. After 39 years under the leadership of Manuel Faria, the founding director, the Choir has now been directed by Cristina Faria, his daughter, since 2009.  They have a wide-ranging repertoire, covering different periods and genres, although they like to focus especially on Portuguese composers. Some of their  recent high-profile performances, at home and abroad, include the Sunday noon Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, with a Christmas concert and dance performance by Ana de Figueiredo at Saint Lucia del Gonfalone, Rome, and participation in RAI-Radio 1 program “Brasil” (December 2012); they  participated in the commemorations of 1st centenary of the composer Manuel Faria, in Portugal (2016/2017), and in the 1st Sanremo European Sacred Music Festival, in Italy (2017).


Pargas Manskör                                                                                                                                                 Finland

Conductor: Robert Helin

The Pargas Male Choir was started as a part of The Pargas Amateur Orchestra in 1932. By March 1952 it was decided to form a separate male choir under the present name of Pargas Manskör rf (Swedish for The Pargas Male Choir).

The Choir strives to engage men in Pargas and the immediate vicinity - men, who like to sing. The aim is to offer fellowship in the name of singing, but also challenges to dare yourself to develop the skills of both the choir and the individual. The basis of the repertoire is traditional male choir songs. The choir has released  three CD:s; by fall 2007 a CD with table and schnapps songs, in June 2009 a live-CD containing works from the 75-year jubilee concerts in Pargas and Turku, and by Christmas 2013 a CD with Christmas songs.


Gosp&Popchor Thun                                                                                                                              Switzerland

Conductor: Radostin Papasov

The choir was founded in 1993 and celebrates 25th anniversary this year. The choir does not sing only gospels but also  rock, pop, swing and musical songs. 

Every year they study and perform songs on a certain topic. The choir performs at weddings, celebrations and company events. There are approx. 75 male and female singers in the choir. The choir has been directed for 17 years by Mr. Radostin Papasov.

Every year they study and perform songs on a certain theme – this year´s topic are „Highlights“ – they sing songs by Queen, Status Quo and other „evergreens“ but they go on singing gospels, too, of course. The ensemble has successfully performed both in Switzerland and abroad.


Blackburn People’s Choir                                                                                                             United Kingdom

Conductor: Jeff Borradaile

In May 1998 Blackburn People’s Choir began as a small group of friends with an enthusiasm for singing,  meeting weekly in the town’s central library. In the year 2000 some members of the choir sang at the opening of a new, large and prestigious theatre complex in the Salford Quays redevelopment area near Manchester, The Lowry. It was at this musical event that they first met Jeff Borradaile, the match was made! Jeff became the musical director, and the  choir now has over 100 singers.  It is an Acappella choir, performing a very wide range of music, they love formal venues but also are very happy to sing informally  and outdoors, in fact anywhere to  share their exciting repertoire and love of singing  within and beyond their community .

The choir has performed in numerous countries and successfully participated in choral festivals and competitions – in Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Isle of Man etc. The BPC also runs the Maelstrom, Decibelles and Vocalise choirs. Joint concerts are performed and are a highlight of their yearly calendar.


Kantorei Haselau                                                                                                                                             Germany

Conductor:  Michael Horn – Antoni

Kantorei Haselau is the church choir of the Holy Three Kings Church in the north of Germany – in the village Haselau, north of Hamburg on the Elbe.  The choir has been singing for 25 years with choirmaster Michael Horn - Antoni. He also plays the church organ and is a musician.

The Kantorei sings hymns of eight  centuries from Gregorian chant  till 2018 – they perform  especially on religious festivities: Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas and Passion time. Above all, the choir sings the great classics of sacred choral music from Bach to Sains-Saens, Fauré and Vasks to Pärt. Their program includes also songs in the national language of the north: Plattdeutsch as well as gospels and spirituals.

The repertoire of Kantorei Haselau comprises altogether more than 200 pieces, all in 4 voices.


Festival Programme


30.11.2018 Kostel Svatý Mikuláš/St. Nicolas Church, Staroměstské náměstí,  Old Town Square


11.00-11.30 Sångföreningen Cajorna, Finland

11.30-12.00 Gosp&Popchor Thun, Switzerland

12.00-12.30 Iisalmen Kalevalakuoro, Finland

12.30-13.00 MGV und gemischter Chor Grenzwacht Lavamünd,  Austria

13.00-13.30 Pargas Manskör, Finland

13.30-14.00 Blackburn People’s Choir,  United Kingdom

14.00-14.30 Kantorei Haselau, Germany

14.30-15.00 Choeur Chantevigne, Switzerland

15.00-15.30 Coro D. Pedro de Cristo, Portugal



1.12.2018 Kostel Svatý Martin ve Zdi/St. Martin in the Wall Church, Martinská Street, Old Town

10.00-10.30 MGV und gemischter Chor Grenzwacht Lavamünd, Austria

10.30-11.00 Choeur Chantevigne, Switzerland

11.00-11.30 Iisalmen Kalevalakuoro, Finland

11.30-12.00 Kantorei Haselau, Germany

12.00-12.30 Sångföreningen Cajorna, Finland

12.30-13.00 Coro D. Pedro de Cristo, Portugal

13.00-13.30 Pargas Manskör, Finland

13.30-14.00 Gosp&Popchor Thun, Switzerland

14.00-14.30 Blackburn People’s Choir, United Kingdom

14.30-15.00 Common Concert of all Participants


Participating Choirs:


IncantArte                                                                                                                                                                       Italy

Conductor:  Patrizia Merciari

The IncantArte choir was established in 2012 by the will of its conductor M° Patrizia Merciari. They have  participated in several choral festivals such as: "Castelli Incantati" Festival in Rome, Festival Alta Val Pusteria, Festival of Salerno, Festival Sinphonia in Arezzo, Festival Adriatic Singing in Croatia and various concerts and musical theatrical performances. They like to perform  Italian and international pop songs contemporary sounds, but respecting traditional writing. The choir is based in Sestri Levante (GE), Italy.


Coral Emotio Taldea de Ordizia                                                                                                                           Spain

Conductor:   Débora Herrero

The children´s choir Urdanetako Ahotsak began its journey on September 30, 2016 under the direction of Débora Herrero. In Emotio Taldea there are  voices coming  from the children's choir along with some of the children´s  mothers and grandmothers as well of those who for years have been singing students of the director and girls who are generally attracted by choral singing.  Having members of different ages gives a special dimension to the project. There are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, friends, all united by music and enjoying singing.


Vokalkreis Reinbek                                                                                                                                      Germany

Conductor:   Joachim Winkel

Vokalkreis Reinbek was founded as a chamber choir by its leader Joachim Winkel in 1976.

Its members were recruited mainly from the choirs,  Maria Magdalena Church Choir and the Youth Choir Reinbek. The result was an ensemble  able to develop a repertoire that goes beyond the normal level of church choirs or youth choirs – they performed Bach's St. John's Passion and Mass in B minor, Matthäus-Passion, h-moll Mass, Cantate 207,  Christmas oratoria 1 – 6, Orff´s Carmina Burana, G.F. Händel Messias and many other demanding choral works. To the highlights of their work belong 2nd Prize at the 1st State Choir Competition in 1981 and a concert tour to Israel in 1983. When the artistic director moved professionally to Italy in 1984, the choir ceased its work. With a similar goal as in 1976, the vocal circle was re-launched in 1995 by its founder and director: to perform choir music between 1500 and today in style and high musical standards. For this purpose, the number of singers should be limited to about 25 and strengthened project-related if necessary.




Grupo Coral Grupo Bandolista 22 de Maio                                                                                          Portugal

Conductor:   Luís Silva  Pereira

The choir was founded on November 2, 1995. At the moment there are 28 members in the ensemble – they are aged  8 to 80.  This is their second participation in the Prague Advent Choral Meeting (first time in 2009) – in 2011 they participated in the 14th  International Choral Festival in  Val  Pusteria,  Italy. In their repertoire there are mainly folk and Christmas songs.


Nofit                                                                                                                                                                       Israel

Conductor:  Avi Ben Oz

The ensemble comes from the the small village of Nofit in Lower Gallilee in the north of Israel – the ensemble is supported by the Zevulun Regional Council.

The group has been lead by Avi Ben Oz and managed by Helen Botanski. In their repertopire there are e.g.  Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah – Kobi Oshrat, a string of shabbat songs, Jerusalem of Gold etc.


Järfälla Male Choir                                                                                                                                          Sweden

Conductor:  Elias Aaron Johansson

Jarfalla Male Choir (JMC) was founded in 1920. In the year 2020 they will celebrate their 100 years anniversary! Järfälla is a municipality with a population of nearly 80 000 in a suburb of Stockholm.

Choir singing is a popular hobby in Sweden. There are about 160 000 choir members organized within 8 national choir associations - with repertoires from sacred songs to barbershop. They reflect not only traditional themes of human love and sorrow but also the feelings of the very varying nature and seasons.  The Swedish choir traditions - and common party singing - are very much related and influenced by a couple of poets and composers from the last centuries, especially loved by the people. Those are e.g. Hugo Alfvén, Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube, Nils Ferlin and Birger Sjöberg.

During the last 10 years, the choir has also had spring and autumn concerts with famous guest artists. This has been much appreciated, on several occasions the sign "Sold out" has come to use. The choir tries to go abroad every other year to  attend festivals and sing in different places. Italy, Greece, the United States, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Poland have been the destinations.


Grupo Vocal Solo VocesLugo                                                                                                 Spain

Conductor:  Fernando Rafael Gomez Jacome

Vocal Group "Sólo Voces" was founded in Lugo in 1992. In their repertoire there is  music by Galician authors as well as classical religious compositions – they like to sing in the most diverse venues, mixing humor with seriousness, music with poetry : throughout Galicia and beyond. They sang in Madrid, Lisbon, Salzburg and now in Prague. They have also collaborated with the group of ancient instruments Orpheon Consor from Vienna. They  offered a concert dedicated to Tomás Luis de Victoria in Ávila and Lugo, and another special concert  about Cristobal de Morales in Lugo and Ortigueira.


Askersunds Manskör/ Askersund Male Voice Choir                                                                          Sweden   

Conductor:   Lennart Bernström

Askersunds Manskör is a male voice choir from Askersund - a small town in the southern part of Sweden, beside the lake Vättern and near the rather big town Örebro.

The  choir was established 1907 so this year they celebrate our 111 th anniversary.

There are  30 members in the choir – the average age is about 65, so it is  a very mature choir. They meet for practice at least once a week from the end of August until end of May. Their repertoire is wide and covers traditional choir songs as well as musical/opera songs, popular music, dance music and Rock n’ Roll. Several times a year they give concerts in Askersund and surrounding  region – every 2nd year they travel abroad to participate in  festivals, They have been to Finland, Austria, Ireland, Germany, USA, Wales, Italy, Hungary, Denmark and now Czechia.



Choir of the Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula                                               Croatia

Conductor:  prof. Susan Goldin

The Choir of the Elementary Music School of Ivana Matetić-Ronjgova was founded like the School itself: 70 years ago. Since 2006 they are directed by prof. Susan Goldin: the  accompanist in Prague is prof. Massimilijana Brajković.

The choir has successfully participated in numerous choral competitions  in Croatia. They sing both at the events of the School as well as on other occassions  in their region and other parts of Croatia. Since 2015 they have closed contacts with the Swedish Botkyrk School Choir – they gave several concerts together in Croatia and Sweden. The choir has a wide repertoire, including  the music of classical and contemporary composers. Part of the choir is also singing in the Girls´choir:



Girls´ Choir of the Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula                                     Croatia

Conductor:  Marijo Eterović

The Girls´Choir was founded by professor Marijo Eterović, the artistic director of the choir, in January 2018. The choir debuted their performance with Pergolesi's „Stabat Mater“. The choir features the music of classical composers such as Bach, Lukačić, as well as classical contemporary music such as Britten's Ceremony of Carols, which will be performed at this festival. The choir has participated in all the major concerts of the school assemblies and have plans for independent performances in the future.


Festival  Programme



07.12.2018 Kostel Svatý Mikuláš/St. Nicolas Church, Staroměstské náměstí,  Old Town Square

11.00-11.30 Choir of the Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula + Girls´ Choir of the

                      Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula, Croatia

11.30-12.00 Askersunds Manskör, Sweden

12.00-12.30 IncantArte, Italy

12.30-13.00 Coral Emotio Taldea de Ordizia, Spain

13.00-13.30 Vokalkreis Reinbek, Germany

13.30-14.00 Grupo Coral Grupo Bandolista 22 de Maio, Portugal
14.00-14.30 Grupo vocal Solo VocesLugo, Spain

14.30-15.00 Nofit, Israel

15.00-15.30 Järfälla Male Choir, Sweden



08.12.2018 Kostel Sv. Michala V Jirchářích / St. Michael Church, V Jirchářích Street, New Town


11.00-11.30 IncantArte, Italy

11.30-12.00 Coral Emotio Taldea de Ordizia, Spain

12.00-12.30 Vokalkreis Reinbek, Germany

12.30-13.00 Nofit, Israel

13.00-13.30 Grupo Coral Grupo Bandolista 22 de Maio, Portugal

13.30-14.00 Järfälla Male Choir, Sweden

14.00-14.30 Grupo vocal Solo VocesLugo, Spain

14.30-15.00 Choir of the Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula + Girls´ Choir of the

                      Elementary Music School Ivan Matetić - Ronjgov Pula, Croatia

15.00-15.30 Askersunds Manskör, Sweden   

15.30-16.30 Common Concert of all Participants

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